The Cleanest and Meanest Nissan Cedric

G’day everyone, Daniel here. I’ll of course be handing things over to resident Wasabi-writer Gabriel in just a few moments, but first some words following the latest video.

Boy, was I not prepared for the Mustang comments. Whether on YouTube, Facebook, or on Instagram, comparisons to America’s favourite pony car abounded. You’d have thought I’d uploaded a 1st-gen Celica liftback video. It had honestly never crossed my mind in all the years I’ve been seeing these 230-series Nissan Cedric/Gloria 2-door hardtops that its styling had perhaps been influenced by the 1969/1970 Mustang Hardtop. But, I kinda do see it now, and as we all know, it cannot be unseen. And, with that, I shall pass the baton to the Wasabi wordsmith himself, Gabriel.

Thank you for that intro Daniel! It’s always nice to get a word in from the man himself.

Now this Cedric GX, like a lot of the cars Daniel sees at shows, is super clean. This third-generation 230 series Nissan Cedric (also known as the Datsun 200C, 220C, 240C, or 260C in other markets) was produced from 1971 to 1975. It was offered as a four-door sedan, a wagon, and a two-door coupe which was meant to compete with Toyota’s 1970 Crown coupe. Engine configurations were plenty and ranged from a 90 HP (92 PS) 2.0 L I4 to a 138 HP (140 PS) 2.6 L I6 alongside two lower-output diesel offerings.

The owner of this particular example, Mr. Yamaguchi, clearly loves this car and takes care of it. I’m a big fan of the meaty tires in the back and the higher suspension in the rear which makes it look like an aggressive muscle car. From the factory, the GX had a 2.0 L I6 engine that made 123 HP (125 PS) but judging by the fact that this one has three carburetors instead of two, I’d warrant it’s been upgraded since then. The interior is just as clean and fits in very well with the car’s white vinyl top.

If the five-minute video doesn’t satisfy your hunger for this Cedric, check out the owner’s Instagram page and bask in its glory. It’s okay to stare, I’ve done it too.

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