Daniel Visits the Legendary Kumamoto Hot Dog Van

If you’re a frequent visitor to Japanese Nostalgic Car AND you watch WasabiCars, then you’ll know about the story of Hot Dog Yotsuba: the mobile hot dog vendor that had roamed the streets of Kumamoto since 1976.

The van itself is a mid-70s Nissan Cherry Cab Van. The Cherry Cab Van was a van version of the cabover Nissan Cherry Cab truck, which itself was a precursor to the Nissan/Datsun Vanette. The basic van could carry five passengers while the extended version could carry eight.

The Hot Dog Yotsuba reportedly sold some legendary hot dogs for 45 years. Even when the van itself failed Japan’s Shaken inspections, the owner parked it in a vacant lot at the Mashiki-cho Hirata intersection, about 4km from Kumamoto Airport, and kept selling his hot dogs. Even though it looked like a rusty, abandoned van on the outside, the patina was only part of its appeal.

According to JNC, the van would attract workers from Honda’s nearby Kumamoto Factory back in the day until competition came around. Even with the competition, hot dogs were still being served from the van to people who knew what it was all about. On March 31st however, the owner decided to retire and put an end to the legendary Kumamoto hot dog van.

Daniel told me that according to a viewer, the van was taken away from its spot sometime between the release of Daniel’s video and May 2nd. Now, the pictures and the video are all we have to remember the van by.

JUST KIDDING, THERE’S MERCH NOW! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now you can rock the legendary Kumamoto hot dog wherever you go. In collaboration with the incredible Marc of colacorolla, we’ve released his modded reimagining of the van on a shirt and hoodie. The design includes coilovers, Hayashi Racing “Yayoi” wheels, a chin spoiler, over fenders, and epic “takeyari” exhaust pipes. Get yours today from the Wasabi Cars store!

There’s also apparently a video coming up with this legendary fella. I don’t get insider info so we’ll have to wait and see what epic cars this one packs!

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