Dan Goes to the Osaka Auto Messe

I realize this post may be a bit late but considering the video uses footage from last year, it fits the theme you know?

This time around we have some real nice footage from the Osaka Auto Messe. If you’re a foreigner like me, the Osaka Auto Messe is an annual auto show held at Intex Osaka in Osaka, Japan since 1997. You can see just about everything from race-modified Hondas (especially Kanjo Loop Civics), to exotics, to vans, to pickup trucks all done in that distinctive JDM style.

No Dan, keep the camera off the girls😉.

For someone like me who lives in the US and loves JDM cars, attending a show like this is a dream. I’m pretty sure I would run out of storage on my phone with the sheer number of photos I would take.

The Japanese car scene is so unique. On one end of the spectrum, you have the race and drift cars while on the other you have blinged-out, VIP-style Toyota Crowns. Don’t even get me started on Japan’s obsession with modified big American vans like Chevy Astros or Dodge Ram Vans. There really is something for everyone in the Japanese car scene.

Now I could keep talking about all the surreal cars that Dan saw in the videos but I think it’d be best if you experienced it yourself. Once you’re done watching part 2 above, check out part 1 of Dan’s Osaka trip below if you haven’t seen it already. There’s a fire truck in it!


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